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Make it Sow Fundraiser

Make it Sow Fundraiser
Family Gardening is an educational opportunity for all family members, both children and adults. Today we are sending home forms for our fundraiser. KP Manson Public School is pleased to offer the Make it Sow Fundraiser. We encourage our school community to inform their family and friends of ITEM availability. Proceeds will help raise funds to support school programs and equipment at KP Manson P.S.
1. Select an option from the list and enter a total quantity at the bottom.
2. Add the item to your cart.
3. Go back to the order and select more items/quantities and add to your cart.
4. Repeat until all orders have been entered and in your cart for payment.
5. REVIEW the contents of your cart prior to proceeding to payment to ensure accuracy of quantities for your entire order.
Parents will be notified when items are available for pick up at the school.
For every 10 categories sold, Make it Sow Inc. will give funds to plant indigenous seedlings in non-harvest areas in Canada. Make is Sow is 100% Canadian owned and operated. As of September 15, 2022, MIS has planted over 25,000 trees.
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